Arnold Classic 2020: William Bonac Trains Quads and Hamstrings 3 Weeks Out

William Bonac is in beast mode ahead of the 2020 Arnold Classic.

The Arnold Classic is fast approaching and the competitors are ramping up their training ahead of the big show. With some of the best of the best bodybuilders in the world ready to prove they have what it takes to compete at the Olympia, top competitors are prepared to showcase their hard earned physiques.

Chief among these competitors is William Bonac who is currently at the top of the food chain in the Open Weight division.

Looking to punch his ticket to the 2020 Olympia, William Bonac is training harder than ever to ensure that he leaves no doubt as to who the top contender is for best bodybuilder in the world.

Three weeks out from the Arnold Classic, William Bonac is putting in the work to prove he’s the best in the world with some high level preparation in the gym.


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Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince. ? * ?Quads & Hamstring? . #️⃣This is one of my many leg work out routine. Give it a try!? * ?Lunges; 6 sets 12/15 Reps each leg. ?One leg standing curl; 5 sets 15/18 Reps. ?Seated leg curls; 5 Sets 12/15 Reps. . ?Dumbells stiffed dead lift; 5 Sets 12/15 Reps. ?Lying Leg curls; 5 Sets 12/15 Reps. ?One leg rear kick back; 5 Sets 15/18 Reps. ?One leg extension; 5 Sets 15/18 Reps. ?Leg extension (both legs) 5 Sets 15/18 Reps. ?Hack Squat; (shoulder feet stand) 5 Sets 12/15 Reps. ?Hack Squat; (close feet stand) 5 Sets 12/15 Reps ?Seated Leg press; (Wide feet stand) 5 Sets 12/15 Reps. ?Decline leg press; (feet low 4 more focus on the quads) 5 Sets 12/15 Reps. ?Reverse Hack Squat; 5 Sets 12/15 Reps. ?Sissy Squat (with 25kg plate) 5 Sets 20/25 Reps ?Adductor Machine; 4 Sets 15/20 Reps ?Abductor machine; 4 Sets 15/20 Reps. . ✔️Enjoy your legs days #2.5 hours later ??‍? . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ? #conquerorthefirst ?#kwasia *Powered by @candrick29 @jeffreysuijkerbuijk @physiqueglobal * * #ghana #liberatedfromaroadoffailure #thisisbodybuilding #ifbbproleague #akofena #gyenyame.

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How do you think William Bonac will perform at the 2020 Arnold Classic.

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