Arnold Classic Australia 2019 Results

And the winner of the Arnold Classic Australia 2019 is…

The Arnold Classic Australia is to the Arnold Classic what the European tour is to the Mr. Olympia. A chance for many of the top pros to get a second change and aim for vengeance against the named champion just a few weeks prior. Quite often the champ doesn’t head out to these shows and instead it’s a battle for all of the other competitors in the top 5 to earn a chance in the spotlight.

The Arnold Classic Australia 2019 has just concluded after some intense battles on the stage. The official results are in – check them out below! Brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. William Bonac
2. Cedric Mcmillan
3. Roelly Winklaar
4. Josh Lenartowicz
5. Luke Sandoe
6. Steve Orton

Bikini Results

1. Janet Layug
2. Lauralie Chapados
3. Breena Martinez
4. Ness Herrera
5. Ha Neul Seong
6. Regina Tan

Fitness Results

1. Ryall Graber
2. Whitney Jones
3. Missy Farrell-Truscott
4. Kate Errington
5. Kristy Fenster-Avery
6. Carly Dunn

Figure Results

1. Jessica Reyes Padilla
2. Bojana Vasiljevic
3. Tarryn Garlington
4. Camala Rodriguez
5. Carly Starling-Horrell
6. Yvette Brown

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