Arnold Classic: Is Keone Pearson the Best All Natural Classic Physique Competitor?

Classic Physique has a new prospect on the rise.

The Classic Physique division has certainly picked up steam since it’s debut back in 2016. With Olympia champ Breon Ansley ruling over the division, new blood are constantly stacking their claim as the best in the world. Keone Pearson is one of the up and comers that is looking to stack his claim as the best in the Classic Physique division.

Backed by PJ Braun and Flex Wheeler, Keone Pearson is developing into a great talent in the bodybuilding arena. With his claim of being all natural, Keone Pearson is looking to show that he genetic gifts coupled with extreme work ethic is far superior than that of his fellow competitors.

PJ Braun mentioned Keone Pearson and his natural status on a recent episode of his podcast Ask PJ. Keone has been drug tested recently by PJ who has confirmed with us that he did in fact pass as all natural.

Keone Pearson is also being groomed under the tutelage of famed bodybuilding veteran Flex Wheeler, giving him a leg up over the competition.

While there’s no real proof to suggest Keone Pearson is utilizing steroids, it’s still seems hard to believe that the young man could cultivate such an impressive form without the aid of gear. Then again, he could really just be that genetically gifted. Whatever the answer is, Keone Pearson is certainly a prospect to keep an eye and as we approach the 2019 Arnold Classic, you expect the young bodybuilder to attempt to make waves.

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