Shawn Ray continues his breakdown of every Arnold Classic champion up to 2017.

ARNOLD CLASSIC MOMENTS – is a special video series commemorating the 30 year anniversary of one of the biggest bodybuilding competitions in the world. Legendary bodybuilders tell their personal moments in the Arnold Classic and share the oral history of what makes this specific competition rise above the rest – making a lasting impression for years to come. Each new moment airs every Thursday.

Shawn Ray returns for part two of this two part video special recounting and breaking down every single Arnold Classic champion from 1989 to the present. This second installment covers the latter half of the event’s long and prestigious history – specifically 2005 to 2017.

With the sport further evolving, these later years of the Arnold Classic competition is most notable for how it lead the charge towards changing how the world looked at mass monsters and judged physiques. Not only did Cedric McMillan’s work on stage lead the way for the introduction of the Classic Physique division (mostly because of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comments about Cedric’s physique and how he should have won) – but the competition also changed policy to put scored judging on the actual art of the posing routine. This brings back the artistry behind posing and will perhaps further change the way we see routines in future years.

See the complete evolution and rundown of the best champions the Arnold Classic had to offer in the full video above!

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