Arnold Classic South America And Australia Have Been Postponed

The Arnold Classic Australia & South America has been canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus.

UPDATE: The Arnold Classic Australia official website has also officially announced that the event will be postponed. The later date has not been finalized and will be announced in “due course.”

UPDATE: The Arnold Classic South America official website has officially announced that the event will be postponed. The current announcement claims that the event will move forward at a later date in 2020.

This should come as no surprise as so many events across the world have been cancelled due to concerns over the virus. The pandemic has left the world in a state of emergency. It will take comprehensive healthcare and quick action from the world’s governments to ensure a positive outcome in this harrowing time.

According to multiple athletes on social media, they have been informed that the Arnold Classic South America has been postponed until a later date. The new date has not been specified at this time.

Additionally, Generation Iron’s very own contributor King Kamali has reported that the Arnold Classic Australia has also been postponed, though there is no official statement currently made available on the official website.

Earlier on March 13, it was reported that the Australian government was urged to ban any public gathering of 500 people or more. Shortly after that, it was also confirmed that the Australian minister tested positive for the coronavirus. While this warning has still not yet been officially been put into effect – things will only develop faster as the coronavirus spread continues to get worse before it gets better.

It has been speculated that the Arnold Classic Australia will likely be postponed like many other events such as the NBA season, NCAA tournament, and various major European soccer championships.

Previously, the Arnold Classic Ohio expo was cancelled – but the athletic events and bodybuilding competitions continued on with limited spectators. It’s unclear at this time if the competitions will go on in Australia without spectators.

This story is still developing and Generation Iron is currently reaching out for further confirmation. As news regarding the coronavirus spreads rapidly, please make sure to stay tuned as we continue to update and confirm recent reports made by athletes.

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