It’s a big day for fans of strength sports, bodybuilding, and powerlifting.

In a recent video shared to his YouTube channel, powerlifter Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall revealed he’s partnering with UK-based talent managers at An Experience With to bring the Arnold Classic to the UK in 2021! 

In the above video, which is literally the gift that keeps on giving, you can see Eddie Hall make the announcement that they’re bringing the Arnold Classic to the UK in 2021 and you can also watch him do a 220 lbs shoulder press immediately after.

The original Arnold Classic began in Columbus, Ohio in 1989, and has grown steadily since. Although the original sports festival is still hosted in Columbus every year, it is now an international phenomenon with Arnold Classic competitions also being hosted in Australia, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, and Hong Kong. That it took the UK this long to join that list is surprising enough given the huge concentration of bodybuilding fans living in the country.

“Me and Steve [from An Experience With] teamed up, put a big pitch together,” explains Eddie Hall of his process in the video. “We’ve got huge aspirations in life to do great things. And the Arnold Classic is something that’s been ringing around the UK for some years now, and Steve came to me with this, ‘I want to do an Arnold Classic,’…so we teamed up, put our ideas together, pitched this to Arnold and his crew, and, yeah, we’ve got the forms up.”

So basically, two enterprising bodybuilders saw an opportunity to capitalize on the lack of Arnold Classic, leaving thousands of fans wanting, and put the work in to make their dreams a reality. Both of them seem incredibly driven and both were humbled by the contact they had with Arnold himself, who was an inspiration to both of them growing up.

In the meantime, the US 2020 Arnold Classic is still set to go on the weekend of March 5th through 8th in Columbus and the competition is looking fierce. It will definitely be an enjoyable weekend for sports fans everywhere!

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