With The Arnold Classic Weeks Away, Dennis Wolf Is Already In Top Form

Dennis Wolf is back!

It wasn’t long ago that Dennis Wolf was outclassing the competition on stage. Then he had to undergo neck surgery and his bodybuilding dreams appeared to be in jeopardy of disappearing altogether. But like the veteran athlete that he is, Dennis Wolf has battled back from the brink and is looking to return to top form at the Arnold Classic.

Working with the great Dennis James, Wolf has been making some impressive gains in the last few months and is looking to take out the competition at the Arnold Classic. While it seemed that it would be too difficult to return to the form that struck fear in his fellow competitors, Dennis Wolf has put on a considerable amount of muscle as he continues his journey to make his return.

There are a bunch of truly impressive pros that are set to compete at the Arnold Classic, all of them with their own strengths and weaknesses. Dennis Wolf will have a tough road ahead of him, but with the kind of training he’s putting into his prep, it’s likely that he’ll be able to give anyone on stage a run for their money.

Do you think Dennis Wolf can win the 2018 Arnold Classic?

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