Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates $1 Million to Fight Coronavirus

After sharing multiple warnings with fans over Instagram warning them to stay inside and follow recommended social distancing guidelines, Arnold Schwarzenegger personally joined the fight against coronavirus.

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced on Instagram today that he’s personally donating $1 million dollars to the Frontline Responders Fund, a GoFundMe sponsored by CAF America to send much-needed medical supplies like masks, gowns, and gloves to doctors who are facing severe equipment shortages in light of the pandemic. You can check out the post in full below.

“I never believed in sitting on the couch and complaining about how bad things are,” Arnold shared in the caption of the post. “I donated 1 million dollars, and I hope that all of you who can will step up to support these heroes.”

Arnold attached a link to the GoFundMe in his Instagram bio. If you are in a position to donate and want to make a difference, you can do so here.

Hospitals across the US are facing a serious crisis as the influx of coronavirus patients strains their resources. Supplies like masks and ventilators are in high demand and many states are competing with one another for the few reserves being made available by the federal government. In New York City, which has been hit particularly hard by the virus with an estimated 30,811 cases, Gov. Cuomo has criticized emergency efforts to get life-saving medical equipment into the city. “You want a pat on the back for sending 400 ventilators?” Gov. Cuomo recently mocked FEMA for a smaller-than-promised shipment of ventilators. “What are we going to do with 400 ventilators when we need 30,000?”

Fundraisers like the one Arnold chose are critical in the battle against coronavirus. Doctors, nurses, and other first responders in the hospital are often some of the first to be infected.

“Our doctors, nurses and hospital staff are the real action heroes of this crisis. I just play one in the movies. We have an opportunity and a responsibility to provide them with personal protective equipment right now to keep them safe as they fight this virus, so when I heard about’s plan, this was a no-brainer to me,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger. “With all of the courageous work they are doing on the frontlines to keep us safe, buying a few hundred thousand masks with a million dollars is the least I can do. Please take a moment to join me in supporting our heroes.”

As the former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is no doubt saddened to see the way this health crisis has impacted his community. However, rather than being discouraged by what he’s seen, Arnold has chosen to rise the occasion and do what he can to help the issue. Everyone should be inspired by that example. If we all do our part, the curve will be flattened and life will be back to normal before we know it.

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.

Tess Pollok
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