Arnold Schwarzenegger Advises To Not Take Anyone’s Workout: “It’s A Big Mistake, You Have To Find How Your Body Operates”

Arnold Schwarzenegger discusses his change in workout routines.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed some of the secrets of weightlifting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger continued to share his knowledge on building an elite physique with the next generation. During a recent interview, he discussed some ways to improve in the gym and it starts with finding your own workout plan that fits you.

“You cannot ever copy anyone. It is a big mistake because you have to find out how your mind operates. You have to find out how your body operates.”

Arnold is arguably the most famous name in bodybuilding, as well as the community outside of it. He has also led quite an eccentric life — a 4-time Mr. Universe champion, and 7-time Mr. Olympia champion, an Emmy-award winning actor, and a two-term governor of California. The Arnold Sports Festival, which has been held annually since 1989, is named after him as well, and now held in multiple countries each year.

During his career, Schwarzenegger focused on working out in ways that would benefit him and no one else.

“It would be a mistake to copy exactly Frank Zane’s training or Franco Columbu’s training. Franco did only 10 sets of thighs because his thighs got big very quickly.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Discusses How To Overcome Weak Points

Arnold Schwarzenegger trained with some of the best athletes in the world during his career. He still followed his own methods to hit some weak areas, which he believes were triceps and thighs.

“Mine was always, it was hard to get the tricep or to get the thighs. For Franco, it was hard to get the longer bicep. He was short and needed longer biceps and to get the outer calves.

Everyone has their weak points so you had to kind of get exercises for the inner thigh to make it visually appear not as bow legged but more straight.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger continued to discuss how certain ideas might work for some but not for everyone.

“Every situation is different. You have an idea. You give people an idea of how to train for every single area of the body but then you have to, then you give them suggestions. How many sets but then they have to figure it out themselves.”

The way a person works in the gym varies depending on goals and body types. It is important to know what is best for you rather than believing everything will work.

“It’s almost like a Leonardo Da Vinci, where he dissects and goes into the minute details and be kind of a lab technician and try to figure out your own body rather than just copying.”

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