Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Tips On How To Stay Healthy While Sitting All Day

Arnold shared tips on how to stay healthy while sitting all day.
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What are some tips and methods to stay healthy while sitting all day long?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is here to share fitness tips and tricks for those who might be looking to better themselves in many ways. This can range from diet plans to workouts to just everyday life. While the bodybuilding legend understands that many will want tips for inside the gym, there might also be a group looking for answers during a work day.

During a recent edition of Arnold’s Pump ClubSchwarzenegger shared ways to remain healthy if you spend a large majority of your day sitting down. He referenced research from the Journal of Applied Physiology from the American Physiological Society.

“If you spend most of the day at a desk or not moving as much as you should, research suggests that adding two-minute bursts of movement can help you regain control of your health.”

For Arnold Schwarzenegger, fitness and bodybuilding was a lifestyle that he was able to turn into his career. He understands that while it is not the case for others, there are ways to remain healthy in your everyday life, even if you are sitting at a desk.

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Arnold Shares Tips To Remain Healthy While Sitting Down

Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed research that studied human beings who did different forms of movement every 30 minutes after sitting down. This allowed their muscles to absorb aminos better into their blood.

“When the partipants took a two-minute walk every thirty minutes, or stood up and performed 15 chair squats (standing up and stitting back down at their chair) — their muscles were better at absorbing and utilizing amino acids in their blood stream.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger explained how the research suggested that mini breaks over the course of the day can be good for your health.

“Prior research found that when you sit all day, your muscles are not as good at absorbing and using amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. This could mean you don’t build as much muscle, or the calories you eat aren’t being used efficiently and could be stored in ways you don’t want (such as fat).”

Overall, different movement to break up your day could lead to improvements in health across the board.

“Research suggests that if you spend your days sitting, it could be causing issues for your overall health, heart, and brain. So you have a lot to gain — and very little to lose — by finding the time for 2 minutes of walking or about 30 seconds of squats.”

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