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Schwarzenegger and the IFBB/NPC to introduce scored judging of posing.

It seems that in these current times, in the days of the dominating internet, everyone has an opinion they want heard. From your average blogger to the fitness YouTuber, it seems like everyone has an idea of how you should conduct your fitness regimen. In the world of bodybuilding you’ll see many fans explain why the Golden Era was the best time of bodybuilding or why the current day mass monsters are the epitome of what a true bodybuilding athlete should look like. Whether you agree or not, you’ve likely formed your own opinion on what a bodybuilder should look like. It’s fine if your opinion isn’t exactly popular. It’s called an opinion for a reason after all. But the opinion of some individuals are undoubtedly going to be weighed more than others, particularly when it comes to a topic as derisive as bodybuilding.


It should come as no surprise that the word of a popular bodybuilder is going to carry a great amount of weight where professional competition is concerned. When that popular bodybuilder happens to be Arnold Schwarzenegger then you can bet your ass more than a few bodybuilding fans and even officials are going to open up the ears to hear what the legend has to say.

Last year Arnold commented on the fact that many bodybuilders these days are a bit too big, that they’ve moved too far away from the classic bodybuilding forms that had popularized the sport. As if in response, the IFBB made an announcement that a new division dubbed the Classic Physique division would be added to competitions. Now it seems that Arnold has a few more opinions on what’s gone wrong with bodybuilding during his years on top, particularly the state of posing in professional competition. Let’s just say that Arnold isn’t too impressed with the performances as of late.

IFBB Pro President Jim Manion has teamed up with Arnold to announce a new revolutionary idea in response to the great bodybuilder’s opinions on the direction the sport is taking. Take a look at the video below of the two discussing the advent of a new development the IFBB is planning for the 2016 Arnold Classic event.

That’s right. For the year of 2016 – all Arnold Classic competitions will include a scored section for judges to rate a bodybuilder’s posing routine. Jim Manion assures competitors that this won’t change the way a competition unfolds… but it does mean that competitors need to be even more on their game when they do their posing routines. Of course, judges always take the actual posing routine into consideration – but now with a specific scoring system in place, it forces the judges to think about the poses in more detail. If this turns out to be a successful addition to the Arnold Classic competitions, the IFBB/NPC will start rolling out this judging mechanic into even more competitions moving forward.

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