Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Advice To Guide Anyone Getting Into Weightlifting

Arnold Schwarzenegger provided advice in his recent newsletter.

If you are a person who is looking to get into weightlifting, it might be wise to listen to the greatest bodybuilder of all-time. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently shared some advice to anyone looking to get into weightlifting in his newsletter.

Schwarzenegger began his writeup by mentioning a charity contest going on where anyone who donates to “After School All Stars” will have a chance to attend an outdoor party at his house. Schwarzenegger then spoke further on the recent controversy surrounding his comments about COVID-19 and mask wearers.

After addressing certain issues and topics, Schwarzenegger answered some fans questions. One wrote: Do you have any advice for a girl getting into weightlifting? Schwarzenegger began by stating that gender does not matter in weightlifting and it is for everyone.

“I would have the same advice for you as I do for any boy!” Schwarzenegger said.

“First of all, don’t get discouraged because of your gender because, remember, fitness is for everyone. If anyone gives you crap about it, let your lifting do the talking. If you want to just start lifting to feel better, take it one step at a time, start with lower weights and really focus on your technique. Slow and controlled. Don’t worry about the fancy exercises you see on Instagram either, stick with the basic lifts like the squat, deadlift and press until you master them. After a while you’ll see yourself getting better and stronger, and before you know it you’ll be deadlifting more than all the guys in the gym.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger came to the United States from Austria and quickly made a name for himself as a bodybuilder. He was inspired by the Olympics and became a force in the sport. Schwarzenegger is a three-time Mr. Universe and is a seven-time Olympia champion.


Schwarzenegger referenced some questions that must be answered before beginning weightlifting. It all begins with your goal and passion.

“It really depends on what type of weightlifting you want to do. Do you want to lift to just feel better and look better, or do you want to get into powerlifting, or are you inspired by the Olympics and want to start Olympic lifting? They’re all good options.”

Schwarzenegger continued to speak on his inspiration and the impact that the Olympics had on him during his early days of training.

“If you are like me and you were inspired by the Olympics and you loved watching these men and women do their lifts, read about Kate Nye. Until 2014, she was trying to make it into the Olympics in gymnastics. She didn’t achieve that dream, but only 5 years after she started weightlifting, she had the United States’ best result in over 20 years by winning the silver medal in Tokyo. She overcame some tremendous mental health struggles, and I hope she inspires you, because she definitely inspires me.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has plenty of experience as both a bodybuilder and powerlifter. He was extremely successful and is still willing to help the next generation. His advice is simple — focus on technique and do not overexert yourself. Focus on basic movements and not the advanced and difficult lifts seen on social media.

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Greg Patuto
Greg has covered the four major sports for six years and has been featured on sites such as Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, SB Nation,, and FanSided. Now, he is transitioning into the world of bodybuilding and strength sports.