Arnold Schwarzenegger Believes He Would “Clearly” Win The 2024 Presidential Election

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger wishes that he could run for president in 2024 – stating that he believes he would win.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stated in a recent interview that he could clearly see how he would win the 2024 presidential election. Expressing that he wished he could run for president. No stranger to politics, Schwarzenegger was the governor of California from 2003 to 2011. However, only natural born citizens are eligible to run for president of the United States.

Speaking to Chris Wallace on CNN, Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that he wished he could run for president in 2024 – saying it would be a “no-brainer.”

“The Constitution says that the President has to be a natural born U.S. citizen. If not for that, would you have run for president?” Wallace asked.

“Well, yes, of course. I mean, I think the field was wide open in 2016,” stated Arnold Schwarzenegger, he continued:

“And I think the field is open right now. I mean, think about it right now. I mean, who is there that is really a person that can bring everyone together? Who is there today that people say OK, he’s not too old or he’s not too this or too that and all this stuff, because it’s now a question about who do you vote against than who do you vote for.”

This led Chris Wallace to ask if Schwarzenegger would want to run for president specifically in 2024 if he could. Schwarzenegger responded:

“Absolutely, It’s a no-brainer. I see so clearly how I could win that election.”

Schwarzenegger went on to compare the the 2024 election to his run for governor in 2003 – believing he can do for the country what he did for California.

“It was clear that people are looking for some new answer, not a right wing or left wing, but someone that can bring the nation together… There’s just so many things that need to be done, and can be done. And what makes it so wonderful is because it’s doable. It’s all doable, or at least it’s just people coming together and say yes, we can do it.”

Even without running, Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks Donald Trump will lose the election

While Arnold Schwarzenegger may believe he can clearly win the 2024 election, he isn’t worried about former President Donald Trump winning either way. During the conversation with Chris Wallace, Schwarzenegger stated that he did not believe Trump would win the presidential election.

When Chris Wallace asked Arnold Schwarzenegger if he thought Donald Trump would get reelected, Schwarzenegger replied:

“I just don’t think that you get reelected with 30% or 33% of the people voting for you in your polls. I think that’s — those are great poll numbers amongst conservatives. But I think if you put it all together, it’s not enough. You need the swing voters. You need the independents, you need everybody to jump in there in order to win. You have to drag a lot of people over across that line. And so the question is, can he do that? I believe he can’t.”

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