The GOAT speaks in recent interview.

Men’s Health got a hold of the legend himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger this week and spoke with everything from steroids to his film Killing Gunther, in theaters now. First, he addressed Calum Von Moger, who is starring as Arnold in the upcoming film Bigger:

“I met him. He’s a terrific fellow, very talented. He’s talented in bodybuilding, too; he’s got a very symmetrical physique, a good looking face and a good spirit. I think he’s a very good person. I hope that he does well with his acting. I haven’t seen [anything he’s acted in], but that doesn’t mean he won’t be good. I think he’s smart enough to take it seriously and to take acting classes and he will be pulling off a good performance… He could really carve out a nice niche for himself as the younger version of me.”

Next Arnold referenced deaths in the fitness community attributed to steroid use, the most example recent being Rich Piana:

“You can say it’s because of the drug usage or being out of control with what they use, or not doing research and using things they don’t know; I cannot tell you what is true and what is not. I think that when anyone [doing a sport] dies, it’s always sad, because this is not their intention and I just hope that we figure out ways of how to guide people through an dangerous, uneducated phase in life where they make these mistakes. We have to make sure this is bodybuilding and not body destroying.”

In general Arnold believes steroid use has expanded to extreme levels since his day, and emphasis has been removed from discipline:

“You cannot compare what we took in the Seventies with what they’re taking now. We were taking 15mg then and they take 1000mg of the same thing now. It’s really outrageous. It’s just huge amounts of dosages. It’s only because of a lack of education that they don’t know that it will kill them. What they need to do is rely more on the work. One of my six principles of success is work your ass off. There is no shortcut. If you think there is, you’re wrong. Everything I’ve ever accomplished in my life was because I worked my butt off, not because I found some shortcut.”

The legend as always gives a fantastic interview. His new film Killing Gunther was released October 20, 2017.

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    • Yes..during his days there weren’t underground highly potent shit like tren, eq, winstrol or insulin..everythng they took were pharma grade and on / off cycles.

      Today we have super stupid greedy clowns who want 1g or 2g of stuff made out of meth labs in Ecuadorian jungle or snake farm’s of Thailand which cant clear USFDA’s drug testing

    • Mithun Giri
      “Abuse” is a subjective term
      Arnold was taking steroids and abusing steroids since he was 15-16 years old.
      And they did have EQ and Winstrol . I don’t know where you’re getting you’re information from but it’s wrong.
      Insulin is not a steroid. So it has no place in a discussion on steroid abuse.
      Arnold abused steroids just like every other bodybuilder. They used to buy steroids at golds gym over the counter. Pills and needles all over the restroom.
      They used to carry around Dbol tabs in fanny packs and pop them like Pez candy.
      They didn’t come off cycle. They were on year round.

      • True very true n he also had heart op himself but what to expect when he was popping a handful of dbol at holds counter.
        Flex put it in a nutshell that being let’s not be stupid when your striving to be the best at any sport it has nothing to do with health

      • Bo bro , u ‘re wrong . U didn’t get him , he said when we took , it was just 15 mg , and now a days they are taking 1000 mg , its all about a amount of dosages , nothing else .

    • Your kidding right? Where did this come from? I can promise you that every old school pro I’ve ever met have all said the same thing and it’s nothing like that. They used gear for shows and ran small amounts in the off season. They trained hard and didn’t make the massive gains that today’s guys make. Thus ….. The reason they where all 50lbs lighter!! You realize that Arnold at his biggest was only about 245 in stage at 6-2″ – 6-3″ and that was probably 1974. That wouldn’t win a state level show now in some states. They didn’t abuse drugs. They used them to enhance their own training and nutrition…. Not like today where people use it IN PLACE of training and nutrition. Fanny packs??? That was the late 80’s and early 90’s… Wow

    • Jason C. Mack
      You can believe what you want
      The old guys “abused” steroids . whatever your definition for abuse is.
      If you want to live in a fantasy world and believe they took very small amounts before a show then go ahead. Ignorance is bliss.

      Arnold was 6’1″ 240 prime. You fail to realize how much 240 lbs is when you have very low bodyfat and no water weight.
      Arnold’s measurements for chest and arms were just as big if not bigger then the mass monsters. Your information is bogus. His legs were much smaller but only because that was the Preferred classic Look.
      Phil heath is 260 on stage. That 20 lbs difference can be attributed largely to Leg Mass. Excess Delts as well.
      You also have classic physique and mens physique .
      To say he wouldnt win a show at 240lbs is absurd.

      BBers today use it for the same reasons. To enhance their physique.
      Yes fanny packs. Its called a story. You werent there you wouldn’t know.
      The point of the story is to show how unregulated steroid usage was back then. They popped Dbol like candy. And yes I do know their cycles and doses and the bigger guys like Lou ferrigno used ALOT. He’s 6’5″ 280. And you think he’s taking a small amount pre contest. Lolol ignorance is bliss

  1. Steroid USE and Steroid Abuse – they are different and people need to stop lumping one with the other. There is a time and place for everything as long as it’s done smartly. Arnold is only repeating what his old trainers have been saying for years – they used Steroids back in the day but at such a low dosage compared to today’s athletes. Its like comparing what they give you at the LOW t center to what Phil Heath is taking lol.

    • That’s true they use more today and Alot of different drugs like insulin now.
      But don’t be fooled into thinking Arnold wasnt taking Pissload of steroids. Arnold Lou and Sergio were all known to take 100mg or more daily of Dbol. They used to take dbol like candy. Popping pills all day.
      They used rather high doses of injectables and used multiple anabolics. Arnold had been using steroids since he was about 16.
      He will say he only used a little pre contest. But that is total bullcrap. These guys juiced Alot and used Year round. They never came off. They simply lowered or increased doses and switched compounds.

    • @brandon Potts over time the desire to be huge and freaky drove bodybuilders to take new substances in addition to significantly higher dosages of already used compounds. Yates started it off with higher steroid usage and hgh use. Lee Haney is quoted saying he specifically retired when he did to avoid “chemical warfare” with Yates. Ridiculous amounts of hgh and insulin in addition to huge amounts of roids are why bodybuilders nowadays are how they are.

    • I know Arnold used since his teens and year round – thats why I mentioned my knowledge via his trainers. It still isn’t shit compared to what the guys use now, obviously. It was a tiny amount of steroid use compared to todays guys. Steroid use is a must for pros – I don’t think that is even an argument. It’s not about shortcuts, its about being able to obtain the size and shred – period. Without them there is only a certain level a competitor can go. I’ve never looked down on the 70’s era BB’s because they did it smartly and conservatively (again, relatively speaking).

    • Seriously, I mean we talking about some guys two grams of test per week for Christ sakes and that’s only the base of their cycle, they still stack other roids with it I mean that’s just ridiculous

  2. You only need to look at the body differences between now and back when Arnie was competing. Somewhere along the way something has gone astray in my opinion but that’s just my opinion.

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  4. Nowdays pros are abusing,because sport has evolved.Its a freakshow of mass monsters,with thousands of $ prizes.
    Athletes are busted to become as big as they can,with extreeme definition.
    Balance and proportions are neglected parameters.
    Drugs will always take you to the next level.But they arent enough eventually,to make you a champion. Genetics,discipline work and persistence are keys to success.There is no elevator,you gotta take the stairs.

  5. This is misleading bull…show me where Arnold mentions Rich Piana!!…you can’t because he didn’t!
    Arnold was right when he said, he doesn’t know what is true and what isn’t…ditto for everyone else.


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