Arnold’s Legacy: Joseph Baena is on a Mission to Build a Classic Physique Like His Father

Joseph Baena is looking more and more like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you’ve followed bodybuilding at least once in your life then you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is considered royalty. Not only was he one of the chief ochestrators of bringing bodybuilding to the mainstream, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to build the sport through his multiple competitions as well as promoting a healthy fitness lifestyle.

Now it that his golden days are in the past, Arnold Schwarzenegger like any good ambassador is passing the torch to the next generation and from the looks of his things his son Joseph Baena is looking to pick up the mantel.

With Schwarzenegger genetics running through his veins, it’s no surprise that Joseph Baena is already carving out an impressive physique. While no one knows exactly how far he’s planning on pushing himself in bodybuilding, Joseph Baena has been posting some videos of his training with the hashtag “Classic Physique” which raises the question: does he plan on competing?


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It’s only the beginning 🙌🏼 #progress #classicphysique @seancaseyfitness

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No coach; just lots of dedication, effort and great workout partners! #thereisnomagicpill #themeccaofbodybuilding

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Whatever the future holds for Joseph Baena there’s no doubt that he will build a quality physique with the genetics of Arnold Schwarzenegger helping him along the way.

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