Generation Iron Vlad Yudin Interview

We sit down with the mastermind behind Generation Iron – Vlad Yudin.

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of Back in the Cut – where we breakdown everything that is new about the Generation Iron Extended Director’s Cut. We decided that we want to go out with a bang – so we were able to sit down with the director of Generation Iron, Vlad Yudin, and talk to him about the process of going back and adding new scenes to an already classic film.

If you haven’t seen the Director’s Cut yet, you can always grab your digital copy on iTunes or from our official store.

1. The first thing you notice when watching the DC is the new intro to the film. What was your inspiration for this new segment? Why change the opening?

Vlad Yudin (VY): I believe we achieved something untouched so far in the world of bodybuilding. Generation Iron allowed fans and viewers to see a new more personal side of their favorite athletes. The decision to expose that in the first segment of the Directors Cut seemed necessary. We wanted an intro that really hit on that personal note. 

2. What made you decide to put together a Directors Cut?

VY: One of the reasons for the success of the film is how it tunes into both the hardcore training these athletes undergo, as well as their relatable personal lives. There was tons of footage that didn’t make the first cut that we knew fans of the film would love to see. We were just sitting on it. So why not give them more?

3. Looking at the new scenes, were there any that almost made it into the original cut? Was it hard to decide what to keep and what to drop?

VY: Of course, it’s always a challenge to decide what stays and what goes in a film. That’s why the director’s cut has been such a success. It was a great opportunity to include those scenes that didn’t make the cut. Giving the fans more of what they loved from the original.

4. What would you say is your favorite new scene added to the DC?

VY: I would have to say the scene where Jim Manion gives advice to Phil Heath before the big competition. It shows how important and valuable it is to get advice from such a legend.

5. Sometimes scenes are deleted for good reason. Other times the DC turns out to be superior. What do you consider to be the “definitive” version of Generation Iron?

VY: I couldn’t say either is superior. The original version of Generation Iron made its mark in the history of bodybuilding. The director’s cut supports and enhances the historic value GI brought to the table.

6. You are also producing the broadcast of Mr. Olympia this year. Can you give any insights on what to expect during the broadcast? Any surprises in store for all the fans out there?

VY: Producing the first broadcasted Mr. Olympia on NBCSN has been an incredible opportunity. This year held some of the most impressive athletes to date. As well as what many would consider the most memorable rivalry in the history of Mr. Olympia. Viewers are up for a treat on October 18th.

7. Obviously you are still very involved with the bodybuilding community. Will there ever be a Generation Iron 2?

VY: The exciting world of Bodybuilding has only grown stronger since 2013. I wouldn’t put a Generation Iron sequel on the back burner just yet.


Well that about wraps up Back in the Cut. We hope you enjoyed the many behind-the-scenes insights we were able to dig up. Make sure to download your copy of the Generation Iron Extended Director’s Cut right now fro iTunes right here. As you now know, there’s tons of new stuff to see. Don’t miss out. Grab your copy now!

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