Back in the Gym After Leg Amputation, Flex Wheeler Looks Strong and Motivated as Ever!

Flex Wheeler is back in action!

Sometimes the fates seem to be working against, serving us an unfair hand. At times life just feels so overwhelming with the trials and tribulations we face. For many who are faced with adversity, giving up is a quick and easy option that many individuals choose.

Bodybuilding veteran and all-time great Flex Wheeler could have chosen such a path if not for his iron will. After going through leg amputation surgery, Flex Wheeler has faced an uphill battle to not only maintain high spirits, but to get back to doing what he loves most, bodybuilding.

But rather than look at these unfortunate circumstances as a reason to quit on himself, Flex Wheeler is looking to bounce back with a vengeance.

Recently the bodybuilding veteran found himself back in the temple all athletes of his ilk congregate to: the gym. That’s right, Flex Wheeler has gotten back to pumping iron and is looking to maintain his bodybuilding lifestyle post surgery.

Flex Wheeler has always shown the heart of a warrior, the will of a champion, and this proves it. Rather than being down on himself he’s choosing to keep doing the thing that brings him pure joy and that’s training.

It’s great to see that on his road to recovery Flex Wheeler is still filled with vigor and drive as he continues to maintain his bodybuilding lifestyle.

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