Feddy Moe takes us through his four exercise back workout as he preps for Olympia.

Working our backs can be a challenge. As a muscle group not often seen, we tend to focus heavily on our chest and arms for that great front aesthetic. But working our back is more than important to really enhance our physique as well as provide support for big lifts to really boost performance. Working specific muscles can lead to efficient back growth and is key in growing those big gains.

Feddy Moe, IFBB pro and prep and fitness coach, walks us through his monster back workout as he preps for the Olympia competition. As a 2-time Olympian with appearances at the Arnold Classic, Moe knows just what it takes to be the best. Staying on top of his game as a fierce competitor is just one way Moe helps others achieve their goals. Learning from the pros is a great way to gain knowledge as to what it takes to win and this back workout is a prime example of just how much grit you need to be on top.

Feddy Moe

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This back workout will surely work all of those muscles we need it to in order to really get a good pump. These four exercises will give you an effective pump to give you that rock solid back you really want to see.

Feddy Moe

The Workout

Lat Pulldowns

Lat pulldowns will work the majority of your back to help give you that V-taper while also serving as a really great strengthening movement (1). Engaging other muscles as well, this is a really solid exercise to get the blood flowing. Moe likes to start with lat pulldowns because it works to prime your muscles, get the blood flowing and help build thickness in the back.

How to: With your feet firmly planted and grip just wider than shoulder-width apart, hold the bar with your arms facing outward. Lean back slightly, brace your core, squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull the bar towards your chest. Keeping a controlled motion, return to the starting position.

T Bar Rows

T bar rows will help provide strength and form a better shape while also improving balance and coordination. That fit, toned aesthetic can really be enhanced by adding T bar rows to your workout routine. Moe uses the middle grip to really target the middle of the back with high volume. Having just done the lat pulldowns, you will have great blood flow and the mid back will be more than primed for a T bar row attack.

How to: Place your desired weight onto the bar and straddle the machine. Bending at a 45-degree angle, have your arms extended in front of you as you grab the bar with both hands. With a neutral spine and engaged core, lift the bar up towards your chest really feeling a squeeze at the top. Lower back to the starting position and repeat for your desired number of reps.

Dumbbell Rows

Dumbbell rows are key in the back building game and enhance not only back strength but also grip strength. It develops other muscle groups to enhance posture and work to strengthen stabilizer muscles for added support and stabilization. As a versatile exercise, this can help establish you for those big lifts. Moe performs these with higher volume to really feel a burn and get a great lat pump.

How to: Holding both dumbbells in each hand, have your feet firmly planted on the ground and bend slightly at the waist. Your chest should be just over your feet. With your arms extended out in front, perform a rowing like motion towards your chest, squeezing at the top. Make sure to have a stable and neutral spine throughout the exercise to avoid poor form.

Modified Upright Rows

Moe performs a modified upright row using a machine but the benefits are similar to a traditional upright row in that it will enhance growth and strength while also training other muscles like the shoulders, traps, and biceps (2). For Moe, this works the upper part of his back really well.

How to: Place your desired number of weight and grip the handles with your palms facing towards you. Slightly hinged at the waist, retract your shoulder blades and squeeze as you pull the handles towards your body. Keep this motion controlled, but really work to target all of the muscles involved for a great pump.

Feddy Moe

Feddy Moe Supplement Use

When it comes to fueling his training and post-recovery work, Feddy Moe relies on Gym Molly to help him get to where he needs to be. A solid pre-workout can increase focus and provide for great muscle pumps and a BCAA supplement can enhance growth and recovery for a great intra-workout aid. Gym Molly’s energy drink is packed with B-vitamins, BCAAs and creatine to reduce fatigue and muscle damage while also giving you a great boost of energy. Feddy Moe can be seen using these supplements in the gym to improve his overall performance as he preps for one of the biggest stages in the bodybuilding world.

Wrap Up

This back workout from Feddy Moe is dynamite and will give you an amazing pump for all of your back muscles. Taking advice from a pro goes a long way as we seek to achieve our own goals in the gym and Moe is a fantastic resource as someone to watch and learn from. Working with Gym Molly, Moe seeks to bring attention to high quality and effective supplements for all consumers. Give this back workout a try and really work to see that desired physique pop.

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