Feddy Moe takes us through his chest workout so we can work hard like the pros.

Working our chest seems like an easy muscle group to work. With so many bodyweight exercises and machines to choose from, pumping up your chest seems like a relatively easy muscle group to do. But to just go through the motions won’t produce gains and will just waste your time in the gym. Working specific muscles in the chest and targeting certain exercises to give you that efficient boost in chest growth is key when working out your chest.

Feddy Moe takes us through his chest day workout as he shows us just what it takes for a pro to get to the next level and stay there. An IFBB pro, a 2-time Olympian with appearances in the Arnold Classic, and a prep and fitness coach, Moe stays sharp on his own game while also helping others compete and better themselves with their fitness goals. This chest workout is further proof of Moe’s knowledge and grit when it comes to working hard in the gym.

Feddy Moe

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This chest workout is sure to fire up those chest muscles to work in overdrive to get you exactly where you need to be. Check out this five exercise workout for an efficient, but solid, chest pump.

Feddy Moe

The Workout

Incline Press

As a compound upper-body exercise, the incline press will work multiple joints and muscles and is a great exercise to target the upper chest (1), while also hitting the triceps and delts to really stimulate growth and increase strength in both pressing and anything overhead. For Moe, his lower and middle chest muscles are more developed than his upper chest so he starts with this exercise to really attack the upper chest right away.

How to: Set the bench to a slight incline. Set your hips back and firmly plant your feet on the ground. Your grip can be shoulder-width to slightly wider than that apart. Unrack the bar, engage your core and lower the bar to your chest as you keep your chest and shoulders rounded forward. Press the bar back up to the starting position.

Cable Chest Press

Cables work to create stable resistance making the cable chest press easy to control with great benefits to growth. It can also be less stressful on joints and soft tissues so adding more weight is an option without fear of injury. Moe likes this exercise because the barbell won’t create as much tension as he needs and the resistance cables provide that good resistance against the middle part of his chest.

How to: Set the handles at around shoulder height and stagger your stance. Push the handles in front of you really getting a good squeeze once extended. Retract them back towards your body and repeat.

Machine Incline Press

Another variation of the incline press, the machine allows for diversity in grip and also eliminates the need to use a barbell or dumbbells. Moe finds that the machine incline press is a great machine for the upper chest and allows for both a narrow and wide grip to target the chest muscles differently. He tends to superset with 10 reps of a wide grip and 10 reps of a more narrow grip.

How to: Sit into the machine with your feet planted on the ground. Grab the handles with the desired grip (narrow or wide) and engage your core as you push the handles out. Lower back to the starting position and repeat.

Feddy Moe

Flat Bench

The flat bench press is obviously a staple exercise for chest day. Its ability to increase upper body push strength and target the whole chest makes this the staple that it is (2). For Moe, it hits the medial part of the chest after targeting so much of his upper chest in past exercises. It does target the whole chest so the upper chest still gets hit and by doing a lot of reps, you can really get a good chest pump with this one.

How to: With your feet planted firmly on the ground, grip the bar around shoulder-width apart. Unrack the bar, engage your upper body, and lower to your chest. Once down, initiate an upward movement to the starting position, driving through your feet and exhaling on the way up.


Dips will provide for some triceps work but are also effective at targeting the chest and providing wider chest development. With no support of the ground or a bench, more muscle groups are activated for stabilization. Moe adds dips at the end because the triceps and chest muscles have taken a beating and bringing in both muscle groups at the same time really gives that final blow for the end of the workout.

How to: Grab the bars and straighten out your arms as your feet hang free. Lower your body by bending your elbows and keeping a tight core. Once at the bottom, drive up as you straighten your arms, fully extending at the top.

Feddy Moe Supplement Use

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Wrap Up

This great chest workout with Feddy Moe will give you a really nice chest pump with just 5 exercises. His tips on each are helpful for all of us and his pro advice goes a long way as we look to achieve our own gains in the gym. Along with Gym Molly, Moe works to provide the best information about products on the market and Gym Molly seeks to provide only the best and highest quality to its consumers. Enjoy this burn and give Feddy Moe’s chest workout a try so you can start to move like Moe.

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