Larry Wheels learned some major lessons from his latest bodybuilding competition.

While he may not have won his first major national bodybuilding competition, Larry Wheels had some major takeaways after competing in the NPC Nationals this past weekend. With his sights set on becoming the World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilder, Larry Wheels just past a major hurdle in his journey and in fact has experienced a bit of a wake up call after his showing.

Breaking into the top ten, Larry Wheels certainly acquitted himself well in his first national show, but he’s not resting on his laurels. It appears that Larry Wheels understands that his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder is one that will take time and patience to realize and as such he’s taking his showing at the NPC Nationals as a learning experience.

In a recent YouTube video, Larry Wheels shows just exactly what went on behind the scenes at the NPC Nationals as well as discussing what he needs to improve upon in order to realize his dream of becoming an IFBB Pro.

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