“When your old uncles get drunk, fight, and ruin the party”

The above quote comes from a meme many people feel summed the heavyweight fight  between streetfighters Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000. The co-main event of Bellator 149 fight ended in the third round but really should never have started (at least on a professional stage).  Though Kimbo’s hand was raised, in the end there were no winners. Kimbo slice meme From the opening bell this fight wasn’t as it seemed. For one – a fight between two strikers should probably have some…well, striking. Both fighters came out from the bell with the intention to clinch (or whatever they thought clinching was) with Kimbo slice even getting a takedown and getting top position. Unfortnateley for him, he didn’t know what to do with it, and what I thought would turn into some serious ground and pound just ended in anticlimactic lay and pray which the ref had to eventually stand up. Even the times where there was seperation they seemed to prefer hugging against the cage as opposed to actual striking. As hard as it is to believe, after 2 minutes into the first round things got even worse – that’s when fatigued set in. I get it, they’re heavyweights, not exactly known for their cardio prowess, but this was just ridiculous. These men were at an  exhaustion rate known to  fighters in the championship rounds of a five round fight. I still don’t think Dada 5000 has thrown a closed hand punch yet. throwing sluggish haymakers from their hips with mouths agaped this  bout literally turned into a battle of who could stay on their feet the longest. At one point I thought the fight was fixed – Dada 5000 had some clear head shots  but elected to throw open handed slaps to the shoulder and then go in for the hug. Im sorry but were these guys were suppose to be trying to hurt each other. Kimbo slice eventually “won” when Dada 5000 could no longer support his own body weight and did a whirling 180 head dive into the canvas. The proceeding fight wasn’t much better with geriatrics Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie putting on a standoffish striking match with ended with a  blown knee to groin strike in in which Royce Gracie took advantage of ending the fight with a flurry of hamerfist the ref had to call because Shamrock wasn’t defending himself. I want to like Bellator, I really do. With the UFC showing their a$$es by choosing economy over the pure sport and playing favorites, it’s great that they now have to deal with competition. However, Bellator could lose the clout they’ve built up by signing names like Benson Henderson and Josh Thompson if they continue to sanction these circus like match-ups. As someone who works for a smaller company, I get it. You have to be unique in order to stand out, but there comes a point. If they want to be the reincarnation of pride, then continue regular scheduled programing. But, if they want to continue to sign big names and be a serious contender in the fight game, they’re going to have to straighten up and fly right – or at least scale back to one sh*t show per night. Besides promotion – these circus match ups could have some serious health implications for the fighters. In a very serious turn of events Dada 5000 suffered a heart attack after the bout where his heart actually stopped in route to the hospital. Thanks to the quick thinking of EMT’s Dada 5000 was able to be stabilized and is in sound health. Both fighters were obviously in no shape to fight a 3 round bout – and though there are no reported deaths in professional MMA, bellator needs to put some precautions in place to make sure it stays that way. What did you think about Bellator 149? Freak show or just what the Doctor ordered? Hit us up with your opinions below. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram