Ben Pollack Combines Powerlifting And Bodybuilding To Become An Shredded Beast

Ben Pollack is a powerhouse looking to get shredded.

While he may not be a bodybuilding standout, Ben Pollack is an absolute beast within the strength industry. Known for his remarkable strength as a powerlifter, Ben Pollack has built a reputation for being one of the most powerful men on the planet. Holding the all-time record raw total in the 198 pound weight class, it’s clear to anyone with eyes that Ben Pollack is a powerful athlete.

But with all that power, Pollack is still interested in carving out a physique to be proud of. While he’s always been in great shape, getting as shredded as a bodybuilder is an entirely different game compared to powerlifting. As such, Pollack has shifted his focus and is now putting more emphasis on building muscle.

His recent Instagram posts showcase the powerlifter practicing his posing, which begs the question of whether he’s looking to compete in bodybuilding.

Despite that, Ben Pollack is still putting a focus on remaining as strong as possible on his journey to get shredded. Watch below as he reps out 660 pound deadlifts for reps.

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