Bench or push ups for chest gains?

Training chest can be a pretty simple or complicated endeavor depending on your ideologies around training. You see, not everyone likes to use weights for their bodybuilding training (who the hell are they?!). In fact, some people are incapable or unwilling to do weight training simply due to old or nagging injuries.

For those who are unwilling to use weights to train their chest, body weight training is a viable option. Many believe you can’t get the same results from training with body weight as opposed to using dumbbells and barbells to get the job done. To an extent this is correct, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from training with body weight alone.

The most popular method of training chest using body weight alone are push ups. But can they be as effective as the bench press? The video by Calesthenicsmovement delves deep into the positives and negatives of the bench press versus the push up.

What do you find to be a more effective chest training option, the bench press or the push up?

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