Berserker Strongman/Woman Challenge Results

Check out the results from the Berserker Challenge.

The Berserker Strongman/Woman Challenge was a great event with heated competition to showcase these athletes to prove who would come out on top in the field. After some competitive events and close finishes, the results are in and those on top have taken their place on the podium.

Strongman Corporation held this event out of The Castle Metroflex Gym in Fort Worth, Texas as a qualifier event for the 2020 SC National Competition. The top 2 finishers were invited to compete at the SC National Competition to prove their strength amongst a new class of athletes.

Event Details

Full of grueling events, this challenge saw the likes of the deadlift and frame deadlift medley where competitors performed 2 deadlifts and moved over to the Frame to complete as many reps in 60 seconds as they could. The Castle, or Husafell, Carry saw the competitors carrying for max distance within a 60 second time frame.

The Arm-Over-Arm Sled Pull Keg Load Medley saw competitors pulling a sled while seated on a 50′ tire. Once the sled touched the tire, competitors would then load a keg onto the sled and pull the sled backwards for 50′.

The Axle Bar Clean & Press was for max reps in 60 seconds and the Crucifix Hold was for overall time.

With a spot at the SC National Competition on the line, the results are in and these competitors worked to earn the top spot and move on to more competitions.


Here are the top 3 finishers in each category:

Novice Men

  1. Skipper Westmoreland
  2. Yony Bustos
  3. Isaac Soliz

Lightweight/Middleweight Men (Under 231.5 lbs.)

  1. Ricky Garza
  2. D. J. Doggett
  3. Omar Salazar

Heavyweight/Super Heavyweight Men (Over 231.5 lbs.)

  1. Stephen Good
  2. Robert Spence
  3. Camron Holdbrook

Full Strongman Score Sheet

Keep an eye out for the top 2 finishers of each category at the SC National Competition and stay tuned to Strongman Corporation for more events in the world of strongman and strongwoman.

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