The Best Gym Motivation Videos of All Time

Motivational Videos to Watch Before Your Workout

A little motivation never hurt no one – anonymous

If you’re willing to transform your physique but have no motivation to hit the gym every day, your goal might be a little hard to achieve. There will be days when you won’t feel like working out.

You might come up with all the excuses in the world to skip the gym, but days like these show your mettle. Watching gym motivational videos before your workouts can do the work of a pre-workout supplement and put you in the zone.


There could be no better way to kick-start this article than with a video of the King of bodybuilding, Ronnie Coleman. Coleman is the 8X Mr. Olympia and was known for his nasty workouts.

If you aren’t following NickVisionMotivation on Youtube already, now is the time you should especially if you often find yourself short on motivation. The video above features every big boy in the bodybuilding industry like Phil Heath, Kai Greene, CT Fletcher, Mike O’Hearn, Roelly Winklaar, etc.

Push Yourself to the Limite, and Then Some More

Greg Plitt, RIP, was one of the best in the business. Listening to him before a workout will surely get you psyched up. As he says in this video, this is a hard path and to change your life you need to let go of the fear of losing.

The video above has some really motivational dialogues from some of the most powerful movies of all times like Rocky and The Pursuit of Happyness. You’ll like this video even more if you’re a calisthenics fan.


Awaken the Hulk Inside You

These freestyle runner will surely pump you up and get you ready to hit the gym. Freestyle running isn’t for all of us, but the combination of strength and agility these athletes have is truly remarkable.

If your girlfriend is looking for some motivation to hit the gym, you now know what you need to point her to. The world can certainly use some strong, and fit girls.

The best gym motivational videos are short but hard-hitting so you can watch them before a workout. You don’t want your motivational videos to turn into 20-25 minute shows because, in the end, you might just end up sitting on the couch and missing the workout altogether or might have to cut short your workout.

If you’re determined to transform your physique, all you need is a straight bar and the bar brothers are the example for it. The next time you feel like missing your core workout, think of this video and all you could do with a strong core.

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