Generation Iron Kai and Phil Buddies

A different look at two of the most heated competitors in bodybuilding.

The state of the open weight bodybuilding scene has never been more hectic. The rivalry between the two best bodybuilders in the world, Phil Heath and Kai Greene, has turned the sport on its head. Whether it be for better or for worse remains to be seen, but no one can deny that the heated feud has been entertaining.

It’s precisely what most onlookers tune in for when watching a competitive event. They want to see that passion, the desire to win. The raw emotion that athletes must infuse into an endeavor can be truly overwhelming and fans want an inside look. We must remember that at the end of the day bodybuilding is as much about business as it is about building the ultimate physique, which is what makes Phil and Kai’s rivalry all the more intriguing.

Though it may be true that feuds can sell tickets and get fans fired up about events, it has to be noted that the number one and two bodybuilders in the world weren’t always on bad terms. Indeed there was a time where Phil Heath and Kai Greene weren’t at each others throats. There was a time that despite their budding rivalry and competitive spirit that they were on good terms with one another, so much so that they trained together. Take a look at this rare footage that shows Phil and Kai in the gym as focused training partners.

Many have said the rivalry is fake, fabricated to garner more attention and sell tickets. Others, including Phil Heath himself, explain that the rivalry is definitely alive and well. Either way, it’s pretty interesting to see that the two men at the top of the sport were able to put their differences aside and work together at some point, whether for publicity or promotion. It’s important to note that while this video was put online this year – the video is most definitely from an earlier time – perhaps even before Generation Iron was released. Regardless, these days you realize just how rare a thing it was to see these men cooperating together.

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