Big Boy discusses how Strength Cartel confronts fake weight scammers on social media.

Ever since the internet and especially since social media has dominated the cultural landscape – bodybuilding fans have more access than ever to seeing pro bodybuilders and super stars training in between competitions. But this also gives us more access to misinformation or even flat out tricks and lies. One perfect example of this is the fake weight phenomenon that has been spreading over the past decade.

In an attempt to get more clicks, views, and impressions, there have been some fitness influencers who lift fake weights (aka – they are not heavy) and publish videos that make them look like super-powered strength gods. This is all in the hopes of going viral. Some people find it a big deal while others think it’s simply harmless shenanigans. Big Boy over at Strength Cartel doesn’t find it funny at all.

Strength Cartel values authenticity above all else – and Big Boy has been a major and central figure in the Strength Cartel collective (now turned business venture) since the beginning. That’s why Generation Iron’s Vlad Yudin sat down with Big Boy to discuss the current growing trend of fake weights on social media and how to properly confront it. Big Boy and Strength Cartel are no strangers to online and in person beefs – is the best way to battle fake weight scams to confront them aggressively?

Vlad and Big Boy also discuss who the actual audience is for these notorious fake weight lifting influencers? Once people realize that the lifts are fake, why do they keep watching? Big Boy believes that it’s simply younger kids who are more naive to what they are seeing on social media. But could that lead to misconceived expectations when these younger kids get into the gym?

Check it all out in our latest GI Exclusive video interview with Big Boy above.


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