Big Neechi discusses the most important rules to follow as a fitness influencer on social media.

Big Neechi is a bodybuilding viral sensation known for his epic lifts and his past epic parties. He’s also a featured athlete in our upcoming Strength Wars movie. That’s why we reconnected with Neechi to discuss his past of lifts, parties, and finding success as a social media influencer. In our GI Exclusive interview, Big Neechi explains the key rules for upgrading your social media presence and becoming a viral fitness influencer.

In the modern landscape of online and social media, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out as an influencer. For the bodybuilding world specifically, becoming a successful fitness influencer can be a key way of generating money. Not everyone can win the first place prizes year after year. A successful social media following can bring in sponsors and other opportunities to generate cash. That, in turn, can allow a bodybuilder to become a career pro athlete.

But becoming a fitness influencer can be a challenging job in itself. That’s why we reconnected with Big Neechi to discuss his journey from college football player to a bodybuilding internet phenomenon. He combines massive lifts with viral content to become a brand unto himself.

Big Neechi’s notoriety started after a missed opportunity in college football. He ultimately didn’t have a future in football and was given an opportunity to throw a college party. Sounds simple enough – but Neechi took it to the next level. He utilized a Twitter hashtag that went viral not only in his college but in his state. The party ended up bringing in three thousand guests.

The party caught the mainstream media circuit, this allowed him to throw more parties and gain more followers on his social media. His passion for lifting remained after football as well. He focused on lifting heavier and sculpting his physique. All of these elements came together to transform Big Neechi into a top level bodybuilding influencer.

During our interview, we asked Big Neechi what sort of tips he could share for aspiring bodybuilders and fitness lovers looking to make a name for themselves. Neechi admits that each person has a different journey – but there was one important rule to becoming an influencer.

This one rule is the foundation towards success. It may not guarantee it – as nothing is guaranteed on the internet – but without it success is impossible. It’s not about the girls or the parties or the heavy lifts. At least, that’s not the key for everyone. It’s about finding a way to be genuine on your platform. It’s about not succumbing to what you think people want from you – and instead finding out what you can give people.

That may sound cheesy – but there’s a more specific business way at looking at that advice. Neechi understood not only what he was passionate about – but what he was good at. He looked at his interests and his true self – and turned it into a business plan. It’s not always obvious.

You can watch Big Neechi talk in detail about his journey in bodybuilding and his rules for viral success by watching our GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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