While he didn’t compete, Big Ramy has been making improvements behind the scenes.

Many fans of Big Ramy were disappointed to find out that he would not compete at the Olympia 2019 this year. Ramy is an athlete who is often considered a fan favorite and has been chasing the Olympia champion title for many years now. After a disappointing showing in 2018, people were hoping for something big this year only to not see him compete at all.

But perhaps this is all for the better as it gives more time for Big Ramy to recalibrate and focus on how he will find a way to improve, transform his physique in a new way, and potentially win the Olympia when he comes back in 2020. And based off some video updates and guest postings – he just might very well do that. It appears that though he didn’t compete in an official capacity, Big Ramy has been taking 2019 very seriously and is showing some major improvements. If he can keep it up through 2020 we just might finally see Big Ramy: The Olympia Champion.

Content parter William’s Fitness has put together a video chronicling his progress throughout 2019 and reviewing that improvements we’re seeing based off of video and photo updates on social and guest posings. We’ll have to wait until the Arnold Classic 2020 to really see what kind of package we will ultimately get from Big Ramy – but in the meantime watch this 2019 progress review above and let us know if you agree with William’s Fitness.

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