Arnold Classic 2020: New Photos Emerge Showcasing Big Ramy’s Latest Physique

Will 2020 be the year of Big Ramy?

In 2018, Big Ramy had a showing that was less than ideal at the Mr. Olympia. It was such a devastating blow to the athlete that he switched trainers and changed focus for his training regimen in 2019. Unfortunately, an injury prevented us from seeing him officially compete and he became a no show at the Olympia 2019.

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So the big question is, will we see the best version of Big Ramy this year? With over a year to focus on the 2020 Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia, if Big Ramy plays his cards right he can have a stellar showing. And if the latest photos to emerge on social media are to be believed – we might just have a truly threatening Big Ramy on stage this year.

Posted by the O2 Therapy Instagram account – it looks like Big Ramy’s latest visit shows off a shredded physique. The photos are admittedly a bit blurry but for those who are worried that Big Ramy will have his usual problems with conditioning this might be a good sign of what we will see on stage in a few weeks.

Big Ramy announced that he will be competing in the Arnold Classic 2020 in late 2019. This is in order to quality for the Olympia later this year as he was not able to compete, thus missing his chance to be automatically qualified for the following year.

Big Ramy has often been seen as a shoe-in for earning the title of Olympia champion – but has often run into conditioning issues that have knocked points off of his final score by the judges. In 2017, he placed 2nd but he has yet to match or overcome that placing ever since.

So do you think this sneak peak photo is a good sign for Big Ramy’s future at the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia? Do you think he’s lost some size in favor of conditioning? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to the Arnold Classic 2020!

*header image courtesy of Instagram

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