Arnold Schwarzenegger Comments On Big Ramy’s Loss, Changes He Needed To Make: “He Could Have Won Again”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger recently had comments on Big Ramy’s performance at the 2022 Olympia.

The 2022 Olympia is officially in the books and champions have been crowned. Now, many have been making comments on how the Men’s Open division played out. This includes the greatest of all-time Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Men’s Open division was expected to be one of the deepest in recent memory and that is what happened on stage. Big Ramy headlined the competition as the reigning two-time champion. He was considered a big favorite coming in but that seemed to go out the window during prejudging. There were many who were a threat to the title, including new champ Hadi Choopan.

During a recent interview with Nick’s Strength and PowerSchwarzenegger discussed Ramy’s performance and what he needed to do in the offseason.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: “He Could Have Won Again”

Big Ramy finished fifth over the weekend, being jumped by four bodybuilders who made improvements in the offseason. According the Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ramy only had to make slight adjustments and enter the same as 2021.

“He could have won again. All he had to do is just stay the same, the way he was, decrease his waist by one inch, and increase his calves by one inch. That’s all he had to all year long and he would have won again.”

Big Ramy has been one of the mass monsters in Men’s Open since he burst onto the scene. Nick Walker is in the same category of incredible size and conditioning. The division has become about size but Schwarzenegger believes that quality is still the most important aspect on stage.


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“What a lot of these guys do is they think bigger is better. Bigger is not better. Better is when you go and create more symmetry, more definition, more muscle separation. When you have a body where one body part does not steal something from the other body part.”

“For Example, when I saw Ramy, his double bicep from the front and back is awesome. But the deltoids now and the upper pectoral muscles that go into the deltoids, now when he lifts up are so enormous, it made his enormous biceps actually disappear. All of a sudden, his arms look smaller than they were. Why? Because his deltoids were overshadowing his biceps and his arms.”

The 2022 competition included many newcomers to go with veterans that are still at the top of their game. This made for incredible performances. Now, sights can be set on 2023 and another rendition of the biggest show of the year.

At the end of the show, Arnold Schwarzenegger credited the judges for getting it right this time around.

“The winners that they picked this year, I couldn’t even criticize one placing. As we all know, it’s a matter of opinion anyway. One could always say that Derek was better than Hadi or Nick was better than Brandon, that always goes on. The bottom line is that when I look at the top five of the Olympia, I thought that the judges really did a great job.”

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