We had a year without Big Ramy. What will we see when he returns?

Big Ramy is often seen as a fan favorite in the bodybuilding world. His incredibly massive size has always brought the “freak factor” attention to every competition he shows up in and many desperately wanted him to be the bodybuilder that would take down Phil Heath. Of course, that ultimately didn’t happen – as conditioning has been the worst enemy of Big Ramy year after year. Instead, Shawn Rhoden defeated Phil Heath and changed the game for what we should expect in the following years.

But things only became more complicated this year – with Shawn Rhoden barred from competing and Big Ramy ultimately not competing in the Olympia 2019. Things have become even more mixed up when it comes to expectations moving forward. So what will we see in Big Ramy once he finally makes his comeback?

Raiden Motivation has put together a bodybuilding motivation video focusing purely on the best lifts and physiques of Big Ramy. It’s just one example of the excitement many have to see Big Ramy return to the stage. But will conditioning still be his greatest enemy? Or will the time off lead to the best Big Ramy physique we’ve ever seen?

Many expect Phil Heath to return in 2020 as well. So we might just see the same face off from previous years. Big Ramy vs Phil Heath battling for first place. With Brandon Curry’s constant improvement – he’ll also be thrown in the mix to defend his current title. It’s hard to predict what will happen but if you are a fan of Big Ramy, this video is the ultimate hype machine to get you ready for his return next year. Check it out above!

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