Big Ramy talks about his competition mindset and the power of genetics.

Ever since Big Ramy won the Olympia 2020, we’ve been pouring through our unreleased footage of Big Ramy from Generation Iron 2. Specifically, our sit down interview that only had a few segments make it into the film. There’s no doubt that Ramy’s massive physique lives up to his name – but how much of that is a product of genetics vs hard work? In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Big Ramy discusses how big a role genetics play into his physique.

When Big Ramy appears on the pro competition stage, he’s immediately noticeable. This is not only due to his massive size but also his massive height. Big Ramy often stands tall as the biggest bodybuilder on stage from every angle. While bigger does not always equal a victory – it’s a powerful tool to have if conditioning can be kept under control.

The conditioning element was Big Ramy’s hardest challenge throughout his career. He finally nailed it in 2020 when he wowed judges and finally earned an Olympia win. Now he’s dead set on keeping that win streak going into 2021 and beyond. But until we see him compete again this year, we are rewinding back to 2017. It was years before his big win when we sat down to interview Ramy.

During that interview, we asked him about the importance of genetics in bodybuilding. How good genetics can provide the edge needed to beat someone out at the Mr. Olympia. Unfortunately, you can’t choose your genetics. That’s why we asked Ramy how big a role genetics play into his physique.

Does his massive size come natural to him due to his genetics? Or does he have to work extra hard through an uphill battle to become true to his name? Based on his answer, it seems that Big Ramy doesn’t think about it much. He simply isn’t quite sure. He does admit that his massive growth happened pretty fast. That his body reacted instantly to his bodybuilding training.

At the same time, he acknowledges that his mind is always focused on one thing – to win the Olympia. This drives him to work harder than he ever has in his life before bodybuilding. His massive physique is a result of that hard work.

Ultimately, Big Ramy doesn’t want to make it seem like he’s naturally the powerhouse bodybuilder folks see on stage. Like every other pro bodybuilder, Big Ramy puts in the work to stand tall as one of the top tier athletes of the year.

Fast forward back to today and we can certainly see the results of that hard work. Big Ramy not only maintained his massive size but was able to bring in his conditioning for an iconic physique. There was no controversy or second guessing. It was clear to the fans and the judges. Big Ramy was the clear Olympia 2020 winner. Whether it was genetics that helped him get there remains to be seen – but underneath it all the hard work always remains.

You can watch Big Ramy talk about his mindset and genetics in our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview above. You can also see Ramy in Generation Iron 2 – available on digital today! Click here or the banner below to stream or download.

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