Big Ramy Shares Offseason Weight Is Currently 341 Pounds

Big Ramy is training for what could be a third consecutive Olympia title in 2022.

Big Ramy is not one to share information in the offseason regarding his plans or training. On Thursday, the reigning two-time Olympia champion joined his coach, Dennis James, to discuss the upcoming bodybuilding season. Big Ramy also revealed that his current offseason weight is 341 pounds.

The Olympia was held in Orlando the last two years and Big Ramy took home gold in each event. The show will be moving back to Las Vegas in December this year. The bodybuilder joined his coach to discuss different topics around the sport but it began with his current weight.

“I don’t like to tell people my weight but maybe I tell you, friend. Right now, I’m 155kg, (341lbs) with abs huh. You know I don’t stop anything, I do my cardio for the day. I feel I’m very healthy. I train every day. I need to train every single day. I don’t like to lift one day, I don’t like to do something for next year, I like for this year. We need to do many things before Ramadan, you know Ramadan we don’t have enough food. So that’s why I need a small break for us, but after I’m done yeah. Then, back to Vegas,” Big Ramy explained.


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Big Ramy defeated Brandon Curry, who finished as the runner-up in each of the last two Olympia competitions, in 2021. Hadi Choopan finished third followed by Hunter Labrada and Nick Walker. This was a controversial victory as many thought that Choopan was in the best shape at the time of the show.

Unlike Big Ramy, there are many bodybuilders who believe in showing off recent progress on social media. This has become a craze where athletes give frequent physique updates to keep fans involved on their day-to-day activities. This can be done on social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.

Big Ramy has never been into this but he spoke candidly with James, who is a retired bodybuilder himself. Despite his current weight, Big Ramy continues to show abs and is as muscular as ever. Big Ramy did not begin training last year until a couple months before the Olympia. This year has been different. He returned to the gym in October shortly after winning his second title.

“This year, because last year we didn’t have time to change many things in our prep but this year I think we can make something different. I’m excited. I hope, we can make something different for the fans. People keep waiting for us, I know I’m working very hard but we can do many things more.”

This new training regimen and program could make for a big year for Big Ramy. With the Olympia being moved back to December, bodybuilders will have more time to prepare. Big Ramy will look to complete the three-peat at this year’s event.

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