Big Ramy Starts Mr. Olympia 2022 Training Early

Big Ramy has already started training for next year’s Olympia.

Big Ramy has taken over bodybuilding and done so by winning the last two Olympia competitions. The Egyptian bodybuilder has a legitimate chance to make it three in a row and the process has already started.

Dennis James shared a video on his Instagram page confirming that Olympia prep has begun. In the video, James is seen spotting Big Ramy with other trainers present as well. The two-time champion has started his process in Dubai.


This is noteworthy following a recent story about Big Ramy’s training leading up to the 2021 Olympia. Chad Nicholls shared photos of the bodybuilder leading up to the competition. He was 327 pounds of pure muscle but did not begin training until three months before he was set to take the stage. Big Ramy won the 2020 Olympia in December 2020 and did not begin training until July 2021.

This could be the reason that Big Ramy’s victory was a bit controversial this year. Despite being the overwhelming favorite coming in, many believe that Hadi Choopan showed better conditioning and deserved better than his third-place finish. Even Brandon Curry and his team were a bit critical of the judging and overall outcome. Quickly following the win, Big Ramy stated that he will continue to defend his title for years to come.


Dennis James has been working with Big Ramy over the years. Dennis James is a former IFBB professional bodybuilder. He competed in eight Olympia competitions, finishing as high as 4th in 2003. His last Olympia appearance came in 2010 and his final competition was the 2012 Masters Mr. Olympia in 2012. James put together a string of two victories in 2009 at the Tampa Pro and the Europa Super Show.

The fact that Big Ramy is back in the gym already might not be good news for the competition. This means he will have over a year to training leading into the 2022 show in December. He was able to conquer the Olympia with just three months of preparation and it is likely that he enters the 2022 show with an even better physique.

The competition is only going to get stronger and this means Big Ramy will have to continue to improve. He already has a leg up on the others after two victories and is taking ample time to prepare for the next time he steps on stage. This makes for what will be another entertaining show when the time comes.

Big Ramy has a great team to work with and knows how to get the most out of his workouts. Fans can wait and see when physique updates are posted. What we do know now is that the champ is back in the gym.

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