Big Ramy Swarmed By Fans For A Hero’s Welcome Upon Returning To Egypt

Big Ramy returns to Egypt and is treated as a celebrity to an adoring public at the airport.

On December 18th, 2020, Big Ramy won the Mr. Olympia 2020 unseating the returning champion Brandon Curry. It was also fulfilling the promise hyped for many years. Many fans and experts believed Ramy was an athlete deserving of the Sandow trophy – if only he could fix his conditioning problem. He finally did.

The Mr. Olympia is one of the biggest events of the year in the bodybuilding industry. But to the bigger mainstream public, especially in America, it’s a niche sport. The Olympia is the super bowl of bodybuilding but it doesn’t bring much attention on the same level of mainstream sports such as the NBA and NFL.

But from what we can tell based on a recent video published by Big Ramy, it’s a completely different story in Egypt. Ramy has returned to his home country after a hard fought battle for victory. Upon arrival, he was treated like a A-list celebrity with fans awaiting him at the airport gate.


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As posted on Big Ramy’s official Instagram page, the champion bodybuilder can be seen hardly able to move as he wades through fans at the airport. Not only fans, but media wanting to get a few words in with the Olympia 2020 champion. It’s not a sight you would usually see in the United States – and shows just how passionate Egyptians and Big Ramy fans are.

The intense celebration is also likely, in part, due to Big Ramy’s hype and potential over the years. For nearly the past decade, Big Ramy was seen as a potential second coming of Ronnie Coleman. A bodybuilder with the massive size and muscle to become a legendary and dominant champion.

Unfortunately, Big Ramy’s journey was initially a slow one. His conditioning could not be brought into the levels once seen by Ronnie Coleman. His size was always massive – but actually took away from his potential as a competitor. Many gurus even believed that he would be more successful if he cut some size.

Ultimately, Big Ramy was able to find a training tactic that worked for him. As big as ever in size, Ramy was able to showcase a shredded physique like we had hardly ever seen before. It led him to victory. That long waited victory was pent up for years by his fans. So much so, that they rejoiced in celebration the moment he landed back on his Egyptian hometown soil.

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