Appearing in GI Doc BIGOREXIA, This Brazilian Synthol User Keeps Filling Muscles With Oil

Brazilian synthol addict has truly disturbing physique.

The affliction known as Bigorexia is one that very few know of and even fewer truly understand. The term was coined to describe individuals with body dysmorphic disorder who view themselves as small and incapable of getting more muscular, even if they have well built physiques.

Where some individuals afflicted with the disorder work hard to pack muscle onto their frames, there are a great deal of other less inclined prospective bodybuilders who lean on other methods to increase the size of their muscles.

Enter the synthol user.

Synthol users are those who inject their muscles with synthetic oils in order to increase the size and shape of their muscles without putting in the natural work of exercising. For some that may sound like a golden ticket to looking the role of a gifted bodybuilder. In reality it doesn’t amount to anything more than a horror show.

Appearing in Generation Iron’s upcoming documentary BIGOREXIA, Brazilian synthol user and “bodybuilder” Valdir Segato has used oil for users to build up his body. The result is a truly abnormal looking physique that will turn heads and not in a way that anyone should be proud of.

There’s nothing to be proud of by injecting your body with synthol. While putting in effort and pushing your body through a difficult workout may be hard, the results are ultimately more rewarding than completely disfiguring your body using synthol oil. While many with body dysmorphic disorder may not realize this due to being afflicted by sickness, it’s essential to understand that utilizing oil is just a fast track to terrible health issues in the future.

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