Craig Golias is addicted to getting big.

Bigorexia is now available on all digital platforms. Click here to order your digital copy! In this clip, Craig Golias details his transformation from a skinny twig to a massive 350lbs bodybuilder… and how he never feels satisfied no matter how big he gets.

If you were to take one look at Craig Golias, small would not be a word that you would use to describe him. And yet, that’s how Golias feels on a day to day basis. He often fluctuates between 325 and 350 pounds of muscle – but when he takes photos he needs to adjust himself just right to look even bigger. When he looks in the mirror, he is completely unsatisfied. Craig Golias suffers from bigorexia.

What might come as even more of a shock is that Craig Golias wasn’t always naturally a big person. Looking back at his childhood photographs, he was an extremely skinny kid. Putting his teen self side by side with a picture of him now is a shocking transformation to behold. Most people would be extremely satisfied with such a change. Craig Golias still struggles to feel comfortable in his own skin. Again, bigorexia is to blame.

During the filming of Bigorexia, Craig Golias would often have second thoughts about being filmed unless he looked just right. When you see the full film, you’ll find moments of candid recording showcasing Golias asking the camera crew to turn off their equipment until he can get just the right angle. Or just the right outfit. Anything to make him look bigger than he is.

During the clip above, Toney Huge (Craig Golias’ friend) explains that he thinks Golias just might be the biggest bodybuilder alive right now. Despite that – he still feels small and seeks to improve. It’s a double edged sword. While the negative thoughts are certainly troublesome considering his size, it also drives him to improve further.

Never being satisfied can, in a sense, drive a person to become even better. The bigger question becomes where to draw the line. How far becomes too far. How much becomes potentially dangerous?

Craig Golias admits openly to the camera that he most likely has bigorexia. While he can admit it out loud, he’s also fine with being labeled with such a condition. That’s part of the push and pull of this condition. You can know you have bigorexia – but be okay with it. Because it’s affecting even your logical thought process.

Craig Golias knows logically he is a massive bodybuilder. But he doesn’t care about logic. He cares about how he feels. So he’ll keep getting bigger. You can watch more of his journey in Bigorexia once it hits digital later this year.

Bigorexia is now available on all major digital platforms. Click here or the banner below to get your digital copy today!

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