The complete Olympia bikini experience.

BIKINI DIARIES – Season 2 airs every Monday and gives an all access look into the lives of beautiful bikini competitors and what it takes to succeed on and off the stage.

The Olympia weekend is one of the biggest competition moments of a lifetime for any athlete in the industry. So it’s no surprise that Tifanny Urrea recorded every single aspect of her first Olympia bikini experience – which means that we call can now see a detailed behind-the-scenes look at the big Olympia competition from the eyes of a bikini competitor. Experience the rush of what it’s like to be a competitor thrown into the chaos of a competition moment that will always be remembered for the rest of life. The excitement, the stress, the failures, and the victories. Witness it all through Tifanny Urreas memorable first ever Olympia in our latest Bikini Diaries above.

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