Blaine Sumner Demolished an Amazing 915 Lbs Bench Press Triple

Blaine Sumner Is A Beast

For the normal powerlifter, a 915lb seat press is an objective that never gets done. Anyway for Blaine Sumner, this was simple enough that he could blow past it easily.

All through his fourteen years in length vocation, Sumner has solidified, undoubtedly, his place as a tip top powerlifter. He has figured out how to win a few challenges, and set more world records than anybody in Open rivalry. All things considered, he has been broadly viewed as the most grounded lifter ever.

Indeed, even with every one of these qualifications, Blaine Sumner never stops to astonish individuals. This was seen big time as of late, with a post to his Instagram. Here the powerlifting legend tears through an astounding triple arrangement of a 915lb bench press.

Blaine had been working his way to this triple for some time. He had been easing back expanding his set from 827lb, to 871lb, before hitting this 915lb triple. Here is the 871lb triple he did only a couple of days earlier:

Now in his profession, Blaine Sumner has his legacy unchangeable. Notwithstanding, seeing him doing lifts like this fills in as the ideal token of how exceptional of an ability he is. Regardless of whether, at 32 years of age, his greatest days are more than likely behind him. Despite everything, he has a lot of juice left in the tank and we will get a chance to see this in the new Strength Wars film coming out this summer.

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