Blessing Awodibu Before & After: How Bullying Led To His Physique Transformation

Blessing Awodibu talks about his time growing up in Ireland and how he went from a skinny kid to a mass monster.

It may be hard to believe, but Blessing Awodibu was not always a big guy. Of course, we expect he wasn’t born with massive muscle. But even beyond that, he was a skinny kid in his early years. All of that changed after being bullied and wanting to prove himself strong to those willing to take advantage of him. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Blessing Awodibu shares how he discovered bodybuilding, his transformation, and his time growing up in Ireland.

Every pro bodybuilder has an origin story. For Blessing Awodibu, his started with his time growing up in Ireland. He couldn’t speak English when he arrived there as a young boy and had to prove his worth and work harder than most to become accepted in his new community.

Bodybuilding as a sport or culture wasn’t particularly big in Ireland, but that didn’t stop Blessing from eventually finding his passion for the lifestyle. He didn’t necessarily know what bodybuilding proper was – but he knew that he wanted to gain muscle and transform his physique.

What was his main motivating force? We asked him that in our video interview. His answer is one common to many bodybuilding origin stories. Blessing Awodibu was a skinny kid. This made him a victim of bullying at a young age. He turned to weightlifting and fitness in order to transform his body. He thought that if he was physically strong, he could protect himself and showcase a sense of power that would prevent him from being bullied.

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This of course led him down a path towards bodybuilding. He instantly saw progress when he put effort in the gym. His strong genetics made him react very well to weightlifting and building muscle. Eventually, this led to him discovering the sport of bodybuilding. Suddenly everything clicked – and he was on his path towards the man we know today.

Blessing Awodibu is now a pro bodybuilder looking to make a huge impression at the New York Pro 2021. This comes after years of him focusing more on his viral videos and building a fan base. Now he wants to be Mr. Olympia champion. The New York Pro is his first step towards achieving that goal.

It remains to be seen what kind of future Blessing Awodibu holds in pro bodybuilding. Early preview photos he has shared online have gotten the bodybuilding community extremely hyped. If he can live up to the promise his photos show when he steps on stage, we might see a truly dangerous athlete ready to shake up the status quo at the Olympia.

You can watch Blessing Awodibu go into more detail about his bodybuilding origins, his transformation, and his time in Ireland by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!