Blue Star Blade Review: Is this an Ideal Option for Burning Fat?

Ideal option for burning fat?

Whether you’re preparing for a fitness competition or just want to lean out for the summer, a good quality fat burner will make the dreaded weight cut a lot easier. The ideal weight loss supplement will help you feel far less moody and even tired. Keeping you feeling energetic, focused, and motivated to see your weight loss goals through.

In this Blue Star Blade review, we’re taking a look at one of the current top natural thermogenic fat burners out there. Now an established supplement on the weight loss market, Blue Star Blade has consistently shown it is capable of delivering impressive and fast results that stick.

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In terms of its ingredients, they will help you peel back the layers of unwanted fat. Revealing a healthy and lean physique underneath. Blue Star Blade works in many different ways. For example, it induces thermogenesis. (1) This is a natural process where your body starts heating up from the inside, which forces it to burn extra calories to cool down.

Since Blue Star Blade also uses ingredients that boost your energy levels and motivation, you could say that it’s an effective pre-workout too.

If you’re new to fat burners, start with just one capsule per day. Blue Star Blade is a potent supplement – you only need a little to experience its impressive benefits at first. Once you’ve felt it working and are ready to kick it into high gear of fat burning, you can safely up the dose to 2 caps twice per day (4 in total).

Read on to discover if Blue Star Blade is really an ideal option for weight loss, and whether it can help you shred fat without sacrificing your muscles…


  • Natural and effective.
  • Targets fat stores for energy.
  • Scientifically-backed ingredients.
  • Suppresses appetite and food cravings.
  • Comes in a bundle with Carb Stopper Extreme which blocks carbohydrate absorption, so your body can use its fat stores for energy instead.
  • Increases your focus and energy levels.
  • Prevents catabolism (muscle wastage) from hard training.
  • Supplies 45% EGCG in green tea extract for improved blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity.


  • Premium price.
  • Some users prefer caffeine-free fat burners.

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Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Each serving (2 capsules) of Blue Star Blade is filled with a precise dose of ingredients which is what works best for fat loss.

The formula is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and produced in cGMP approved facility that uses state of the art manufacturing processes.

Let’s dig deeper and check the ingredient formula;

  • CH-19 Sweet Pepper (0.75% Capsiate, 450mg)Promotes fat burning via thermogenesis. Which, as we explained, is a process where your body has to burn more energy in order to maintain its core temperature. (2)
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (400mg) – Helps shuttle fat into your cells for energy, increasing the efficiency of your metabolism. It’s also able to cross the blood-brain barrier, improving mental clarity in the process.
  • Green Tea Extract (45% EGCG, 300mg) – In addition to boosting focus and energy levels, green tea extract also increases your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn through fat faster. (3)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (225mg)– A potent CNS stimulant that triggers norepinephrine, a hormone responsible for keeping you alert, focused, and in a fat burning state.
  • Advantra Z (Citrus Aurantium, 25% p-synephrine, 50mg)– Also known as Bitter Orange Peel, it’s commonly used amongst bodybuilders to improve fat loss, energy levels, and mood during a cut. (4)
  • Yohimbine HCl (98%, 8mg) – This is a highly effective stimulant. Similarly to Citrus Aurantium, it’s used by pro athletes and MMA fighters to help them cut weight faster, along with increasing energy levels.
  • XD Delivery Technology Blend (61mg) – consisting of Fumaric Acid, Bioperine, Astragin, and other natural ingredients that serve as effective support for the rest of Blue Star Blade’s formula.



Benefits of Blue Star Blade

Blue Star Blade’s formula has a number of advantages:

  1. Ramps up Your Motivation & Energy Levels

The combination of stimulants gives you a burst of sustained energy to stay on track with your diet and training. Perfect for early morning cardio or as a pick-me-up after 1:00 PM. Just when you need it the most.

  1. 24-Hour Fat Burning Effects

As it’s dosed twice per day, you’ll get a slow and steady release of Blue Star Blade’s fat-burning ingredients into your system. For example, ingredients like CH-19 Sweet Pepper contain powerful Capsaicinoids. These provide you with a highly effective thermogenic support – keeping your metabolism high even while you sleep.

  1. Targets Belly Fat

We’ve seen plenty of users call Blue Star Blade “stomach fat burner.” And after we reviewed and tested it for ourselves, the nickname made perfect sense. According to the producers of Blade, their scientifically-focused thermogenesis blend was specifically formulated to help you get rid of fat in those stubborn areas. Such as your legs, midsection, and chest.

  1. Appetite Control

Do you know one of the worst enemies of dieting? It’s snacking. When you’re tired and hungry, it’s difficult not to reach out to the cupboard and eat a treat or two. Or three. This oftentimes leads to a full-blown binge which leaves you feeling defeated. The combination of natural herbs and stimulants in Blade works to curb your appetite, reducing junk cravings in the process.

Is this supplement safe?

It is for most people. Blue Star Blade was formulated to be free of any harmful side effects. They use a natural formula with ingredients that have been used in fat burners for many years, without any problems. The formula is also science-backed.

That said, this product does contain a generous amount of caffeine, which some people might not respond best to. You can easily avoid this simply by taking a lower dosage to start with.

As always, it’s important to talk to your physician before making a change to your supplement regimen.

My Take on Blue Star Blade

When I search for a product to lose weight effectively and safely, I want a supplement that uses all the right ingredients for stimulating fat burning and thermogenesis in my body. I expect it to be easy and convenient to take and to come at a reasonable price. I also want that it keeps me energized as the combination of dieting, intense training, and daily stress often leaves me burnt out. Blue Star Blade ticks all of these boxes for me – it’s one of the better fat burners I’ve seen for sure.

How much does it cost?

You can get Blue Star Blade in a bundle with Carb Blocker Extreme to save money and achieve fat loss faster. The bundle costs $69.99. I recommend combining these two products as they synergize very well with each other.

While Blue Star Blade directly chips away at your fat stores, Carb Blocker prevents your body from turning carbohydrates into sugar, which forces your body to keep running on fat.

It’s a fantastic value for money for me. Although the premium price tag is a little annoying, this product is only for those who’re serious about getting results.

Overall rating

Effectiveness – 9/10

Ingredients – 9/10

Safety – 8.5/10

Price – 8/10


Final Thoughts 

If you’re tired of diets that don’t work and leave you weak, then consider supplementing with a proven fat burner like Blue Star Blade. It uses high quality, patented ingredients that have been backed by research to work. It’ll not only help you lose fat – safely and effectively – but it will also give you that mental edge, which is what makes or breaks a successful weight cut.

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