Bob Cicherillo shares some inside stories about the rivalry between King Kamali and Craig Titus.

While many may be quick to remember the rivalry of Kai Greene vs Phil Heath, King Kamali and Craig Titus also had a well known rivalry in their heyday. Known to be intense as they were entertaining, their face offs never disappointed bodybuilding fans. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Bob Cicherillo shares a behind the scenes look at King Kamali vs Craig Titus.

King Kamali’s rivalry with Craig Titus was known to be just as intense backstage as it was in front of a crowd. Kamali has admitted in previous interviews that he and Titus knew how to put on a show for the crowd. But that doesn’t mean the anger Titus had towards Kamali wasn’t real. In fact, according to Bob Cicherillo, Titus seemed to stir up trouble with anyone who started beating him.

Bob Cicherillo has been a friend of King Kamali’s for some time now and spent a lot of time paling around with Kamali. He also got caught up in the back and forth rivalry between Kamali and Titus as well.

It also seems like Craig Titus might been all bark and all bite. Bob Cicherillo describes how he eventually got on Titus’ bad side. Titus would say some nasty things about Cicherillo behind his back and to his face. So Cicherillo eventually confronted him in person back stage before a show. With all other competitors watching, Titus apparently shrank down. He took Cicherillo to the side and made amends.

There was no fight in the parking lot. No shouting match. Just a quick end to the entire debacle. But it seemed that King Kamali brought out something else in Titus. Something he couldn’t let go that lasted their entire pro careers. It’s no secret that Kamali likes to talk openly and bluntly. So those two personalities certainly would have a go at each other.

To hear more behind the scenes stories about Craig Titus and King Kamali, check out Bob Cicherillo’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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