King Kamali discusses his rivalry with Craig Titus and what he thinks is the most important bodybuilding rivalry of all time.

A CONVERSATION WITH KING KAMALI – is a four part sit down interview with King Kamali – a bodybuilder who has ensnared the industry with his candid and sometimes controversial statements about the current state of the sport. Kamali discussed with director Vlad Yudin about his past bodybuilding career, the future of the sport, and the current hot topics in bodybuilding today. New episodes air every Friday!

King Kamali has long been known for his open and honest opinions on bodybuilding throughout the years. And before that he was known as a powerhouse bodybuilder with some truly spectacular posing routines. You’ve most likely been getting a taste of his opinions on our currently running series King’s World. But this time we wanted to have an intimate one on one conversation with King Kamali about his past career and get more in depth about his thoughts with the current trending topics and issues running through the sport.

In part one of our four part interview, director Vlad Yudin sits down to talk about rivalries. Specifically King Kamali’s rivalry with Craig Titus (the bodybuilder who would later be infamous for murder). Kamali talks about how their rivalry was partially made up to bring in better promotion, why their rivalry was so exciting, and also discusses the few details he personally knew about the horrific drug and murder convictions against Titus that rattled the bodybuilding world.

Kamali also discusses his favorite rivalry in the sport which he considers to be the most important rivalry in the history of bodybuilding. According to Kamali, Ronnie Coleman Vs Jay Cutler changed bodybuilding forever and we are still seeing the ripple effects of it today. Without Ronnie Coleman and without Jay Cutler we may not have seen the kind of mass monster physiques rewarded in the following decades. Perhaps aesthetics like Dexter Jackson would be the norm. Who really knows? But he’s certainly right that those two bodybuilders created waves that are pushing through to the current state of the sport.

Check out part one of A Conversation With King Kamali above and make sure to check back every Friday for new episodes!


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