Bodybuilder Cristhian Annes, Born With One Kidney, Dies Waiting For Transplant

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Bodybuilder Cristhian Annes learned his one kidney was failing and passed away two months after joining the transplant list.

Cristhian Annes, a 34-year-old bodybuilder, was born with one kidney and learned in 2022 that it was failing. He began experiencing complications once his kidney began failing and this led to him being put on the transplant list. Annes was taken to the hospital on Jan. 20 and passed away two weeks later.

Brazilian bodybuilder Cristhian Annes passed away on Monday just two months after being put on the list for a kidney transplant, according to multiple reports.

Annes’ girlfriend, Wanna Teixeira, spoke to local media about his health.

“He stayed quiet when he got the results because everything was off and he didn’t want to tell anyone. He refused to undergo treatment.

Now finally, he had hope but there wasn’t enough time.”

Annes did not actively seek treatment initially when finding out his results but joined the transplant list after his health continued to decline. He found out that there were 68 others before him on the transplant list and that he would likely get one within weeks.

Cristhian Annes became well-known around his local town of Ponta Grossa. He enjoyed a career in fitness that spanned from competitive bodybuilding to coaching and training. Annes took part in multiple bodybuilding competitions in Brazil while helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Annes worked in the local gym as a trainer and became known for putting together incredible routines for clients. He was also extremely dedicated to sculpting his own physique, which is something he had to pause after receiving guidance from doctors.

Annes was an accomplished bodybuilder and fitness expert with a degree in coaching and sports nutrition. He also spent time as a fitness model due to his impressive physique.

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