Bodybuilder Fights Through Muscle Tear To Win Competition

Fighting through the pain to seek victory.

This week, Dane McGregor, 29, won his Muscle Model class at the Physical Culture Association (PCA) bodybuilding competition in Britain.

Dane took up bodybuilding after a serious knee injury forced him out of amateur rugby. He trains at the Body Academy gym on South William Street in Hull, and told The Courier he was thrilled with the win.

“I have been bodybuilding for about five years now, but last weekend’s competition was the first time I had competed in the muscle model category…There were around 160 competitors from across the UK at the show in Hull.”

Dane actually tore a muscle in his leg during the competition. He said he was able to push through the pain and still present his great package on stage.

His prearation is fairly rigorous. He practices an extremely strict diet featuring the staples of chicken and sweet potato- though he only trains four days a week.

“I’m not allowed any variation on the diet, which means definitely no cheat meals. Training really is the best part about bodybuilding. I am not a huge fan of the competition itself, but it teaches you so much about self-discipline and helps improve your work ethic.”

He says competing really adds intensity and purpose to the training that most bodybuilders know and love.

“I would really like to thank my coaches, Guy Adison and Vicky McCann for their support and help in preparing for the UK competition.”

Dane plans to pursue his local success and attempt to qualify for national competition.

“I’m next competing for a classic competition, with the national qualifiers taking place shortly.”

Highlights from the PCA contest can be found HERE.

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