Generation Iron Knife Proof Abs

Knives. His only weakness.

This one actually happened a few months ago – but it’s starting to make rounds around the internet now and is so ridiculous that we can’t not talk about it. Look, we all like to use big words when it comes to our gains: massive, mammoth, rock-hard, impenitrable… it helps explain how powerful we feel after lifting some heavy-ass weights and getting that pump. But the truth is we are NOT inpenitrible no matter how strong we may feel or even look.

But it looks like someone didn’t get the memo. On February 15th, a Russian bodybuilder was critically stabbed right in the gut by a party guest after claiming he has “knife-proof abs” that couldn’t be penetrated. The Russian Interior Ministry reported:

“The owner of the home got a big kitchen knife and asked his guest to stab him in the stomach. [The guest] refused at first, saying he was afraid he would kill the host. However, the host said that in his childhood he was involved in martial arts and the knife could not penetrate his abs.”

A stab and a bunch of blood later, the bodybuilder was rushed to the hospital and treated for the wounds. Needless to say a good amount of alcohol was probably thrown in the mix during this wonderful decision making process – but let this be a lesson to all bodybuilders. We may be massive but there’s a fine line between a bodybuilder and Superman – even if the two kind of look similar.

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