Bodybuilders With The Most Superior Genetics

Who was blessed with the most gifted genetics.

We’re all in agreement that genetics in bodybuilding is as essential to making a champion as determination and consistent hard work and training. The history of the sport has proven that when hard work meets natural genetic potential that great things happen. Many bodybuilders will tell you that hard work trumps all, but no matter what, genetics will always rule the day. That being said, who amongst the many genetically gifted bodybuilders, past or present, possess some of the most blessed genetics?


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The greatest of all time, Ronnie Coleman was a man with some genetics as great as his accomplishments on the posing stage. Coleman was huge, heavily muscled, and shredded. Aside from the genetics his belief system of lifting heavy ass weights may have had something to do with the former Olympia champ’s success.

Jonathan Salmon
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