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A big backer gets behind the new bodybuilding organization.

Lee Thompson announced some big news over the Olympia weekend. Really big news. is the first to get behind the newly founded bodybuilding organisation NPC Global. This bring some real credibility to NPC Global at a time when it really needs it. Bringing up a new bodybuilding organization parallel to the IFBB would be something like trying to create a new football league competing against the NFL. It’s a monumental task and’s support is a big deal at giving the new organization some legs.

It’s an even bigger blow for the NPC/IFBB after bowed out of live streaming the Olympia Weekend. is one of the leading websites in the fitness industry. Period. We can’t stress this enough.


So is this the first step into a long and successful future of NPC Global. It’s probably still early to tell – but with their motto of putting the athlete first… it seems like we are in for a big change in the bodybuilding industry. This might be the dawn of a new era – and we’re all here at the ground floor waiting to see what happens.

You can check out Lee Thompson’s initial announcement of NPC Global below:

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