Are those exercises you’re doing in the gym really doing anything?

There are a great deal of fitness experts out there that think they understand all they need to know about workout science. Then they get an unexpected wake up call from an individual they never saw coming.

Enter Doug Brignole.

A fitness and bodybuilding trainer with years of experience in the game, Doug Brignole will be quick to inform you that some of your favorite exercises are completely useless from a bodybuilding perspective. A great deal of what we consider classic staples of bodybuilding may not be building up our bodies as much as we thought.

Ric Drasin, a pretty experienced bodybuilder in his own right, believes Doug Brignole to be one of the most knowledgeable sources on bodybuilding. If Ric Drasin think he can learn a thing or two from Doug Brignole, then maybe we should all look to take a page out of his book.

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